Behavior Solutions Program


Behavior Solutions for your dog

Behavior Solutions Program

20 days Board and Train  - Contact for Pricing

 Included in this Program:  

 ·     This program is intended for pet dogs with fear issues, reactivity issues, and dogs that are in need of confidence building.

·      This program uses treats/toys/paychecks to get your dog working, and other items that will activate your dogs natural drives. You will be instructed on how to continue using them after you pick up your dog. This program focuses on bond building exercises and play activities to enrich the relationship between dog and owner.

·     During this program your dog will learn how to become confident in his/her own paws out in public environments, to stop barking at other dogs or people on walks, and increase his/her capacity to be brave. 

·     THIS PROGRAM IS NOT CENTERED ON COMMANDS, but includes Loose Leash Walking and auto sitting. Your dog will need to overcome his/her issues that he is dealing with environmentally before putting Obedience on him. It is not recommended to force obedience onto a dog that isn’t environmentally stable. 

·     Included is 2 days of private lessons at pick up (4-6 lessons with breaks per day), where the trainer will coach the owner through everything that your dog has experienced during the program and how to continue your dogs progress after the program has ended.

Your dog is invited to attend the foundation or freedom program with a discount, after the behavior issues have been addressed.