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Board & Train Obedience Programs & Group Workshops

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We fill up 4-5 months in advance; if you'd like to train with us you can reserve your space by calling our office, sending us an E-Mail, or visiting our booking system to schedule an evaluation/consultation. Thank you for your interest in The Refined K9. 

Behavior Consulting, Owner Education, & Service Dogs


    The Refined K9, LLC was founded on the belief that every dog should be treated differently, and with respect. All canines differ in personality types and every owner has unique expectations for their dogs. 

We provide a unique & positive experience during our programs. Our training isn't just focused on 'sits' and 'downs'; but rather- centered on educating owners about their dogs' breed, how they should balance exercise, play, and training time, and how to encourage calm relaxed behavior inside the home. We want our graduates to not only be listening to behavioral cues, but to do them willingly and happily - instead of feeling forced to comply. We care about the emotional well being of your pups, and intend to train happy and eager to learn pups!

We offer Board & Train Programs, and Behavioral Consultations via Video, E-Mail, and Phone. 


We use humane & fun training methods that are easy to follow, your dog will be learning new cues in a very short amount of time! Our goal is to have your dog listening to you and your family members not only inside your house, but he/she will also be listening in public with distractions. 

Imagine asking your dog to sit, once, in a whisper voice at a restaurant! Yes, it is possible!

  Please let us know how we can help you and your canine companion.



Phone: (727) 935-7423


Health Requirements: 

Health and Vaccination Requirements

o   It is the owners responsibility to provide current copies of vaccination records to The Refined K9 from a licensed veterinarian. 


o   Dogs without proper vaccination records or overdue vaccines will not be accepted for training. 

o   All dogs are required to be in good health and have the following vaccinations: Rabies, Distemper, and parvovirus.

o   We do not accept female dogs that are in heat or pregnant for any type of training programs. 

o   We do not accept any dogs who look underweight, sick, or ill- including dogs with missing fur/rashes.


Benefits & Discounts

·      If you have proof of serving in the US military, The Refined K9 is happy to offer you a 15% discount on any program.

·      Please check our Facebook Page for monthly offers and coupons. 


Scheduling & Payment

 We accept all major credit cards, Square invoicing, Money Orders, Wire, and Cash. We do not accept personal checks. 

The Refined K9 Does not accept any form of Payment Plans, Payment is due in full during contract signing. There are NO REFUNDS for any training program, as stated in the training contract & NO REFUNDS for any pre-paid Behavioral consultations, Service Dog Consultation, or any other evaluation or single private lesson that has be pre-paid in advance. 


Please call our office at (727) 935-7423 if you have any additional questions about payment.



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