Frequently Asked Questions


Thank you for your interest in The Refined K9! We look forward to working with you and your pup! 

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What is a consultation?

A Consultation, via video chat; will give the trainer time to sit down with you and your dog and discuss your goals and expectations during training. We can determine a training program designed to fit your individual dogs' needs. This is also time for you to give us a history of your dog: what their normal daily schedule is, what commands he/she already knows, and if there are any behavioral issues that need to be addressed.  We can set up a plan together, and figure out what program will work best for you and your dog. Our Consultations are only available online via video chat.

I just have a behavior or two that I need to handle with my dog, I don’t want to do a board & train for this— is there a way you can still help me?

Yes! Purchase a “Behavior Assessment” with our Lead Trainer, Alicia. She will go over the in’s and out’s of why these behaviors are occurring, and HOW to handle them inside your own environment from the comfort of your own home. If you have 30-60 minutes to spare, this is a GREAT opportunity for you and your dog to succeed and achieve a balanced relationship!

how quickly will my dog learn?

Every Dog Learns at a different speed, just as every owner will have a different amount of questions to go over.  You will be offered individual private lessons after the Board and Train program, where you will be taught how to work through everything your dog learned here with us.  There is never an expected 'end date' on dog training, after Board and train you will be expected to help your dog through any issues after training.  Each dog completes and masters commands and behaviors at different rates. 

what are your training methods?

Our training methods are ‘Bond Based’. Meaning everything is focused around developing the bond between you & your dog. We will assess the function of your dog’s behaviors to figure out why they’ve been maintained, and then use Operant Conditioning methods to discontinue or continue wanted or unwanted behaviors. We do not apply band aids here at The Refined K9, we are going to assess, and shape or extinguish behaviors that you are needing to target. Our trainer is committed to providing you with lasting behavior change.

We utilize healthy and humane forms of communication to enhance the learning process with the dog to either continue a behavior or to discontinue an unwanted behavior. OUR ultimate goal is to reach a direct line of communication with your dog. YOUR ultimate goal with your dog is to build a solid foundation by developing your bond, communicate trust, and have the ideal harmonious relationship.

You cannot outsource this bond, we are here to jumpstart your obedience & behavior. It is up to you to put in the work & time with your dog, and to become the leader your dog expects you to be. We are here to help you bridge the gap in communication and to coach you through the process of developing a solid bond with your pup. 

Health Requirements: 

Health and Vaccination Requirements

o   It is the owners responsibility to provide current copies of vaccination records to The Refined K9 from a licensed veterinarian. 

o   Dogs without proper vaccination records or overdue vaccines will not be accepted for training. 

o   All dogs are required to be in good health and have the following vaccinations: Rabies, Distemper, and parvovirus.

o   We do not accept female dogs that are in heat or pregnant for any type of training programs. 

o   We do not accept any dogs who look underweight, sick, or ill- including dogs with missing fur/rashes.

Benefits & Discounts

·      If you have proof of serving in the US military, The Refined K9 is happy to offer you a discount on any program.

·      Please check our Facebook Page for monthly offers and coupons. 

Scheduling & Payment

 We accept all major credit cards, Square invoicing, Money Orders, Wire, and Cash. We do not accept personal checks. 

Decoy: Carlos Ramirez.

Decoy: Carlos Ramirez.




Do you have puppy training available?

Please join us for our Puppy Training Webinar Series! We will be covering anything puppy related— to forming engagement and focus, to obedience and nail trims! Let us help you to raise a fearless puppy that will develop into a confident and capable dog!

What is a balanced trainer?

A Balanced Trainer recognizes dog training is not a “one size fits all approach”.  Balanced trainers don’t limit their training skills to a pre-defined protocol or rules.  They set a training plan, which defines each dog as an individual. This gives the trainer the ability to respect each dog’s personalities, training needs, and goals. 

Will my dog remember me after a board and Train program?

Yes! Your dog will remember you after his/her boarding program. We are just the trainers; your dog will know you as mom or dad. Please visit our instagram page for reunion videos. Your dog will see this as a training vacation. Not only will he/she be getting trained, he will also be playing, having fun, and going on field trips. He will be well cared for and looking forward to your arrival at pick up. 

How do I sign up for a program and get pricing information?

Please click "book a free consultation" to sign up for a video chat consultation; where you'll receive a program PDF where you'll find our price list & speak with our Lead Trainer/Owner about whether our training is a match for your dog. 

Do you Board Dogs?

We do not offer boarding, without training. We will refer you out to doggie boarding or daycare facilities for Boarding services.

How long does it take for the trainer to find a match for me— for a fully trained k9 program?

Each individual family will be looking for different aspects in a dog, and so every dog we evaluate has to be different and meet all of the specifications for each individual family. This could take weeks, or months. If you’re obtaining a matched puppy from us purchased from a breeder this is determined by litter availability, and heat availability for the females we are evaluating for your puppy. When you are accepted for a fully trained companion program from us, part of the interview process will cover the specifics about the search process and the length of time between contract signing and obtaining your new companion.

Does this training facility have any affiliations?

Yes, we are: IACP, Business Insurers of the Carolinas, APA, APA Division 25 Behavior Analysis, APA Division 17 Society of Counseling Psychology, APA Division 17 Section 13 Human Animal Interaction.