Trikos International K9 “Kenzo”

Trikos International K9 “Kenzo”

Trikos International K9 “Harrie”

Trikos International K9 “Harrie”

We do not have a kennel full of K9s waiting for you and already trained. This program is custom tailored to your individual needs. We will seek out a K9 for your needs after you put down a deposit, and then the remaining balance is due after the K9 is on our ranch and beginning his training program.

Please keep in mind that the dog doesn’t know you are paying for his protection services, and after the dog joins your family you will need to bond with the dog to develop a lasting partnership with your new K9. There is no reason for a dog to protect you if he doesn’t like you. You will need to treat this companion with respect and care for him as a family member.

Fully Trained K9s


Fully Trained K9 Program

Fully Trained K9 Companion Dog Program

• This program is perfect for someone who is looking for a very obedient companion that will live inside the house with your family. We will match you with a Belgian Malinois or Dutch Shepherd dog, train the dog to your specifications, and then teach you how to communicate with your new companion.

• You will need to show proof of your capability to not only handle a highly driven dog, but to have the time to prioritize to your new dog.

• Commands included in this program are as follows: Heel, Sit-Stay, Down-Stay, Sit and Down in motion (and from anywhere), Place (climb), & Recall.

• This program will get your companion ready for anything and everything you may encounter in daily life. Nail trims, baths, ear cleaning, wearing shoes/vests/collars, etc.

• You will be able to take your new companion into public with the dog being completely dog and people neutral, and good with children and other animals.

• You will have a fully stable sidekick to be your buddy after this program! If you love to exercise, be outdoors, and need a companion by your side- this is the program for you!