Group Classes

at Fulton Ranch

on Saturdays!  

The following programs are designed to teach owners and their dogs according to their individual levels.  

Group Classes are available at Fulton Ranch, Homosassa FL.

Starting June 1st 2019  

The success of these programs relies heavily on the owner and their willingness to work at home with their dogs by changing their daily patterns and behaviors as instructed by the trainer. Please ask the trainer what equipment you need to bring with your specific dog to class.

 Thank you for choosing The Refined K9, LLC.  The following programs are not intended for dogs with any form of aggression issue or need for behavior modification services. Please visit us for a Board & Train for these issues.

The following information is a breakdown of what the programs offer:


Puppy Preschool 

Puppy Preschool: 


This program is intended for puppies under 7 months of age, and up to date on vaccines. This program is set on an ABC rotation, so you can join ANY WEEK and still obtain the same education as everyone else that is already enrolled. This program will set you and your puppy up for a lifetime of success. The curriculum includes: 

·       Week A: Engagement foundation work, proper socialization with a focus on neutrality, & learning how to interact and bond with your puppy to promote confidence and environmental stability. 

·       Week B: Puppy Potty training, Kennel Manners, The concept of “tethering”, Excessive Barking issues, Nail trims, baths, & teeth brushing will be covered. Learning how to handle fear from the start: Vacuum cleaners, thunderstorms, etc. So your puppy doesn’t grow up with irrational fears. 

·       Week C: Basic Leash walking, and beginning to shape ‘Sit’, ‘down’, & ‘recall’. This week will also cover Q&A about puppy aggression issues, and possession issues and how to handle them. 

Class not yet available for registration


Basic Pet Obedience 

Foundations Class:

3 Group Classes

( 1 hour each week- 3, 1 hr classes) $200.00         

Class A: June 1st, 8th, 15th —FULL

Class B: July 6th, 20th, & August 3rd —4-5pm                                                                                              

This program is designed to give you basic on-leash control of your 8+ month old pup/dog. Beginning with engagement exercises and building a solid foundation & bond between you and your pup.

During this program we will cover leash pulling, and manners such as excessive barking, greeting new people & dogs, and leash manners.  

Your dog will be taught the following on-leash commands: Loose Leash Walking with automatic-sit, sit at your side, sit-stayand down-stay, & recall.

When your dog completes this program your dog will be focused and engaged on you and walking neutrally & calmly through any environment. You will be coached through the process of leash handling, offering of rewards, and the continuation of behavioral training after the program is completed.

If you’re in need of severe behavior modification, please inquire about our board and train programs. 

Please register using the links below, after registration you will receive a welcome email.

Register for Group Class A: FULL

Register for Group Class B:


Working Dog Specific Class:  

Working Dog Continued Meet

Join any week, we will be working on the level of each dog that arrives.

Ongoing, $55.00 each hour  attended

Saturdays from 6-7pm                                                                                          

This program is designed for Malinois, Dutch shepherd, GSD owners — and K9 Handlers. You can join us any week, but please pay and register before hand. This will be an informal weekly meet-up to work our dogs. We will be covering Engagement, control in drive, use of collars and prongs, use of paychecks, neutrality, dog reactivity, Obedience, nerves, etc. Whatever you show up needing work in, we will work on as a group. We are all here to learn, and so you will need to show up to work, not to show off. Everyone will work through the tough stuff, and make progress with your dogs. (We will not be providing any ‘bite work’ during this class, but we can cover proper use of tugs and wedges as paychecks).

Your dog does not need any foundation work to attend up to this weekly meet. We will begin where your dog needs to start.

Register by paying below— after you register you’ll receive information from us. See you soon.

Number of Meetings- you can pay in advance and come when you can