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    The Refined K9, LLC was founded on the belief that every dog should be treated differently, and with respect. All canines differ in personality types and every owner has unique expectations for their dogs. 

We provide a unique & positive experience during our programs. Our training isn't just focused on 'sits' and 'downs'; but rather- centered on educating owners about their dogs' breed, how they should balance exercise, play, and training time, and how to encourage calm relaxed behavior inside the home. We want our graduates to not only be listening to behavioral cues, but to do them willingly and happily - instead of feeling forced to comply. We care about the emotional well being of your pups, and intend to train happy and eager to learn pups!

We use humane & fun training methods that are easy to follow, your dog will be learning new cues in a very short amount of time! Our goal is to have your dog listening to you and your family members not only inside your house, but he/she will also be listening in public with distractions. 

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We will be a “Fully Transparent” Training Facility in 2019! We will have interactive cameras that our clients can log in to and check in on their dogs! We look forward to providing this service to all of you!


Our Board & Train Services 

We offer Board & Train Services for committed and responsible dog owners. We believe in making sure the owners are a match for our training programs before beginning training. Your dogs success is heavily reliant on your role in your dogs life. We offer on-leash programs, off-leash, and behavior modification programs tailored to your needs. 

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What does a day of board & train with us look like?

Your dog will receive individualized attention with us, and have 3-5 training sessions per day, field trips out in the real world, and daily play time/recess. He/she will get 4 bathroom breaks daily, and spend the minimum amount of time necessary inside his/her kennel. 

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Our Promise

The Refined K9, LLC is rated one of the Top Five Dog Trainers in Florida 2016. We Promise to care for your dog as our own while he/she is in our care. To encourage learning and development and not to change the personality of your beloved pup.


"You can’t outsource your relationship with your dog. If you truly want a dog to be “your” dog, and to bring to life the idealized vision you have of your relationship, then you have to put the time in and do the work and develop and execute the kind of work ethic required. All relationships, human and canine, require work in order for them to be fulfilling. The rewards that come from doing that kind of work far outweigh the expense of time and effort. Also, all relationships are dynamic, and you will have to continue to work through various issues and devise solutions to problems and make adjustments throughout your time with your dog". 

— Mike Ritland, TEAM DOG. 

We utilize healthy and humane forms of communication to enhance the learning process with the dog to either continue a behavior or to discontinue an unwanted behavior. One form of communication is PAYCHECK, which lets the dog know that you appreciate his efforts and is seen as fun and motivation by the dog:

  • “I am asked frequently about paychecks (toys, food, etc.) and how "your dog only listens with them around". I hear the frustration in owners vocals as they describe the battle between wanting their dog to listen right this moment, without having put any time into the behavior they are asking their dog to do. I see yelling of "sits" "heels" and "downs", before the dog has ever been taught to do these; followed by: "well, I shouldn't need to have anything for my dog- he should just do as I ask right now", or "he usually does this, why isn't he doing it right now?". My answers are always: what's going on around you in the environment, and then have you ever paid your dog for this task? We go to work, and expect our paycheck at the end of the week, or the job. Our incentive is money so that we can pay the bills. You wouldn't see someone mucking through a task they hate doing for free- and the happier and faster they work probably means their pay is equivalent or higher than the job they are performing. So, what does this mean for your dog? If you haven't paid your dog enough for a task, don't expect them to be responsive to a varied reward schedule. When we start to take away the rewards, you need to do it so that the dog is still getting paid just at a different schedule. Instead of immediately, do it after a small chain of behaviors; and then so on and so forth until they know you are truly the source of their paycheck, and they will work for extended periods of time for just you. Because you are the source of what is good. A toy is just a stupid toy until you breathe life into it”- Alicia Scholet, BA CPT.

After the behaviors are shaped, and the dog has been paid for his efforts; the dog will begin to push back and that is when we add in feedback. ‘Feedback’ is an instant and fair response to an unwanted behavior.  This is not a form of teaching or learning, and should not be a part of the process of learning. This simply gets the dog's attention and communicates to the dog: "stop what you're doing, and pay attention".  When the feedback is effective, fair, and timed properly with the unwanted behavior, it will cause the dog to discontinue the unwanted behavior.  

OUR ultimate goal is to reach a direct line of communication with your dog.

YOUR ultimate goal with your dog is to build a solid foundation by developing your bond, communicate trust, and have the ideal harmonious relationship.

  • You cannot outsource this bond, we are here to jumpstart your obedience. It is up to you to put in the work & time with your dog, and to become the leader your dog expects you to be. We are here to help you bridge the gap in communication and to coach you through the process of developing a solid bond with your pup.


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*Please Note: having your dog train with us does not guarantee Daily Instagram posts featuring your dog. We feature many of our Boarding dogs inside our IG "stories" on a daily basis, and you will receive personal updates weekly via text message or email. We strive to deliver you a fully trained dog and intend to focus each day on providing your dog with a positive experience during his/her training program- not to help you make your dog "insta famous". Thank you for choosing The Refined K9, and we look forward to helping you develop a stronger bond with your pup! Unplug, and go play some fetch!