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    The Refined K9, LLC was founded on the belief that every dog should be treated differently, and with respect. All canines differ in personality types and every owner has unique expectations for their dogs. 

We provide a unique & positive experience during our programs. Our training methods aren’t just focused on 'sits' and 'downs'; but rather- centered on educating owners about the behavior of their dogs, canine body language, and how to encourage open communication between handler and dog. We encourage your dog to not only be listening to behavioral cues, but to do them willingly and happily - instead of feeling forced to comply. We care about the emotional well being of your pups, and intend to train happy and eager to learn pups!

Please let us know how we can help you and your canine companion.


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Our Webinar Training Services 

If you’re struggling with gaining your dogs attention, or having issues with your dog listening to you— come and join us for our Webinar series online from the comfort of your own home. 

We’re offering you help on many different topics- from building a more solid bond, to understanding how to use training tools. 

Working toward the goal of having complete off leash control with a solid bond as your foundation will ultimately allow for a more peaceful and trusting relationship between you and your dog. We’d love to help you understand your dog on a deeper level from his/her perspective.

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Interested in hiring our trainer for a seminar subject at your training facility?

We have many different seminar subject topics to choose from, and Alicia Morrison-Scholet will travel to any state to speak at your facility or training event. A few of our available seminar subjects:

  • Foundation & Engagement

  • Off Leash Reliability

  • Building the Bond

  • Training to Generalize

  • Building Confidence

Weekly Training Tips

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Our Promise

The Refined K9, LLC is rated one of the Top Five Dog Trainers in Florida 2016. We aim to encourage learning and development and not to change the personality of your beloved pup.


"You can’t outsource your relationship with your dog. If you truly want a dog to be “your” dog, and to bring to life the idealized vision you have of your relationship, then you have to put the time in and do the work and develop and execute the kind of work ethic required. All relationships, human and canine, require work in order for them to be fulfilling. The rewards that come from doing that kind of work far outweigh the expense of time and effort. Also, all relationships are dynamic, and you will have to continue to work through various issues and devise solutions to problems and make adjustments throughout your time with your dog". 

— Mike Ritland, TEAM DOG. 

OUR ultimate goal is to reach a direct line of communication with your dog.

YOUR ultimate goal with your dog is to build a solid foundation by developing your bond, communicate trust, and have the ideal harmonious relationship.

  • You cannot outsource this bond, we are here to jumpstart your obedience. It is up to you to put in the work & time with your dog, and to become the leader your dog expects you to be. We are here to help you bridge the gap in communication and to coach you through the process of developing a solid bond with your pup.


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