Online Behavior Assessment


BEHAVIOR Assessment details

This online service is open to anyone with a dog. Including but not limited to: service dog handlers, owners with house pets, multiple dog households, small dog owners, etc.

In an effort to bring ‘Lasting Behavior Change’ into your household, without the trip to Florida— we aim to bring the training to you. By providing you with an ‘in-depth’ look into ‘WHY’ the problem behaviors are continuing to occur, and ‘HOW’ to handle them so they do not come back. We can also discuss how to continue behaviors that you’d like help shaping or maintaining; such as heeling, or threshold boundaries like ‘place/climb’ cues.

The interview is called a ‘Behavior Assessment’, and it is done over Video Chat or Phone and will last anywhere from 30 minutes up to an hour.

The questions we will be asking pertain to your dog, your current environment, dynamic, and yourself. This is not a cookie cutter training program, this is designed specifically for you and your dog. Not your next door neighbors dog. Every behavior your dog is exhibiting, has been maintained by reinforcement (we will go into deeper conversation about this during the assessment), and so how to handle your dogs ‘counter surfing’, and is not the same way to handle ‘Maggies dog’s’ counter surfing. Every dog’s life is different.

After the Assessment is completed, you’ll get verbal guidance on how YOU can handle either problem behaviors, or how to increase new behaviors. You will also receive a 2-10 page Analysis of your dog’s behaviors, dynamic, and the in’s and out’s of how to maintain the target behavior change.

To schedule a Behavior Assessment, Please Purchase one using the PayPal link below. You will receive a confirmation email within 12 hours after purchase. From there, you’ll be in direct contact with our lead trainer and move forward with scheduling your online Behavior assessment. This assessment can be done in the evenings, during the day, in the mornings, or on the weekends. The only day that we don’t do them are on Monday’s. We aim to work with your schedule. Pay below, and we will be in contact with you shortly about scheduling!

We look forward to helping you and your dog(s).

$200.00 per Behavior Case. (Purchase 1 for a multiple dog household).