Private Lessons: 3-day intensive for pets

3-Day Private Lesson intensive

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  • You can join us for 3 full days of private lessons. We will be working 4-6 lessons per day, which is determined by how much you and your dog can handle.

  • This program is customized according to what you and your dog need to cover. There isn’t a specific listing of obedience commands for this program, or specific behaviors that we will only cover. Whatever you and your dog need to work on - we will cover with you. Including but not limited to: basic obedience, advanced/off leash obedience, long line use, e -collar or prong introduction, bonding, engagement, reactivity, etc.

  • This program is only offered here in Homosassa FL at our ranch, but we will venture out into public with you and your dog if this is something that needs to be covered. We will not travel to you for the 3-day intensive. ( Please contact us for seminar costs if you need us to come to you).

  • To book this program, please schedule a free consultation.


Private lesson intensive: Service dogs

Service Dog Private Lesson Intensive

3 Days of Private lessons

During this program, you and your active service dog will be working with our trainer to work on any issues you may be having with your service dog. This is time for obedience, any behavior issues, tasking questions, and/or help with raising your service dog. Anything you need help with— with your current active service dog, or service dog prospect in training, we can help you with during these 3 days of private lessons.

Please schedule a FREE consultation to determine if these lessons would be a good fit for you.