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WEbinar Series

This webinar ‘group class’ series is aimed toward helping owners with their new puppy. Once you purchase the webinar series, you can join any week— this is structured so that you can join on Week C, and will still circle back to Week A material. So you don’t need to wait to join in on the webinar series. You will not have to re-register for all 3 weeks. You register once, and then join us any friday night. Just make sure you are able to attend one of each different topic (a total of 3 classes!).

Our first class will begin Sept 27th 2019. $60.00 for all 3 weeks!

This series is offered on Friday evenings from 8pm-9pm EST.

  •  Week A: Engagement foundation work, proper socialization with a focus on neutrality, & learning how to interact and bond with your puppy to promote confidence and environmental stability. Learning how to raise a fearless puppy, and to develop strong confidence in any environment. How to get your puppy focusing on you instead of everything else inside his environment.

  • Week B: Puppy Potty training, Kennel Manners, The concept of “tethering” and how it is used to introduce house manners. Raising your puppy to be calm inside the household without having to ask them to be in a command. We will cover excessive Barking issues, nail trims, baths, & teeth brushing— and any other grooming questions you may have.

  • Week C: Introduction to clicker training and use of reinforcers. Basic Leash walking, handling leash pulling or fear of the leash, and beginning to shape ‘Sit’, ‘down’, & ‘recall’ (come). This week will also cover Q&A about puppy aggression issues, and possession issues and how to handle them. 


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New puppy program coming soon


New puppy program coming soon

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