Specialty Training Programs 

If you're interested in proceeding with one of these long-term training programs, please send us an email at TheRefinedK9DogTraining@gmail.com or sign up for a free evaluation. Thank you for choosing The Refined K9, we look forward to working with you and your dog. 


Behavior Modification intensive

3 Months of intensive Behavior Training for working dogs (Boarding) 

(Contact for Pricing)

 ·     This program is intended for working dogs that are in need of confidence building or general work through behavior issues.

·      This program uses treats/toys/paychecks to get your dog working, and other items that will activate your dogs natural drives. You will be instructed on how to continue using them after you pick up your dog. This program focuses on bond building exercises and play activities to enrich the relationship between dog and owner.

·     This program will be tailored to your dogs specific behavioral needs. If your working dog has some fear issues- excessive barking when they shouldn’t be, ‘out’ issues, instability issues, and/or cleaning up obedience. (not limited to these only).

·     THIS PROGRAM IS NOT CENTERED ON COMMANDS, but includes Loose Leash Walking. Your dog will need to overcome his/her issues that he is dealing with environmentally before putting Obedience on him. It is not recommended to force obedience onto a dog that isn’t environmentally stable. 

·     Included is 1 week of private lessons at pick up (4-6 lessons with breaks per day), where the trainer will coach the owner through everything that your dog has experienced during the program and how to continue your dogs progress after the program has ended.


Fully Trained Companion Program 

Fully Trained K9 Companion Dog Program

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• This program is perfect for someone who is looking for a very obedient companion house-dog. We will match you with a Belgian Malinois or Dutch Shepherd dog, train the dog to your specifications, and then teach you how to communicate with your new companion.

• You will need to show proof of your capability to not only handle a highly driven dog, but to have the time to prioritize to your new dog.

• Commands included in this program are as follows: Heel, Sit-Stay, Down-Stay, Sit and Down in motion (and from anywhere), Place (climb), & Recall.

• This program will get your companion ready for anything and everything you may encounter in daily life. Nail trims, baths, ear cleaning, wearing shoes/vests/collars, etc.

• You will be able to take your new companion into public with the dog being completely dog and people neutral, and good with children and other animals.

• You will have a fully stable sidekick to be your buddy after this program! If you love to exercise, be outdoors, and need a companion by your side- this is the program for you!

Please Email for Program Availability


Private lesson Intensive

3-Day Private Lesson intensive

(Contact for Pricing)

  • You can join us for 3 full days of private lessons. We will be working 4-6 lessons per day, which is determined by how much you and your dog can handle.

  • This program is customized according to what you and your dog need to cover. There isn’t a specific listing of obedience commands for this program, or specific behaviors that we will only cover. Whatever you and your dog need to work on - we will cover with you. Including but not limited to: basic obedience, advanced/off leash obedience, long line use, e -collar or prong introduction, bonding, engagement, reactivity, etc.

  • This program is only offered here in Homosassa FL at our ranch, but we will venture out into public with you and your dog if this is something that needs to be covered. We will not travel to you for the 3-day intensive. ( Please contact us for seminar costs if you need us to come to you).

  • To book this program, please schedule a free consultation.