Specialty Training Programs 

These programs are "need based" and require an extensive application and interview process. If you're interested in proceeding with one of these long-term training programs, please send us an email at TheRefinedK9DogTraining@gmail.com or sign up for a free evaluation. Thank you for choosing The Refined K9, we look forward to working with you and your dog. 


Building a Beast 

We offer a 6 month program that enhances the life of your canine companion. (Contact for Pricing). 

This Program is for Belgian Malinois or Dutch Shepherd Dogs

·     We choose a puppy based on genetics and temperament to match your goals and lifestyle with the specific pup. The Puppy will live with us and our family learning obedience, manners, potty training, kennel training, environmental training, vet visits, and formal obedience/manners.  

·      This program is designed to give your “beast” a solid foundation for any type of work you may need in the future- whether it be personal protection, sports, SAR, etc.  Heavily focused on environmental exposure and building confidence in any setting. 

·      We will only use the clicker and positive reinforcement for the puppy’s first year with us; Beginning with off-leash engagement activities and working towards a goal of complete focus and the commands of your choosing in the language of your choosing. 

·      During this program we will diversify off leash obedience by introducing heavy distractions to work toward a goal of neutrality off the leash. 

·     The puppy will learn how to be a well mannered, well behaved dog that isn't afraid of going anywhere- completely dog and human neutral-raised to be well with children-enjoys going to the vet-doesnt get overly excited in the car, and won't make a ruckus inside his/her kennel. 

·      The program includes all puppy vaccines. 

·     After the puppy is delivered to your family, we will guide you and your family through following through with your puppy's adult life. 

·     You will receive 4 formal private lessons with Alicia Scholet and up to 6 months of guidance if needed.  


Fully Trained Companion Program 

Fully Trained K9 Companion Dog Program

5 Months Board & Train, (Contact for Pricing) 

• This program is perfect for someone who is looking for a very obedient companion house-dog. We will match you with a Stable, solid nerved 3-4 year old Belgian Malinois or Dutch Shepherd dog, train the dog to your specifications, and then teach you how to communicate with your new companion.

• We have a very intense application process for the program, and you will need to show proof of your capability to not only handle a highly driven dog, but to have the time to prioritize to your new dog.

• Commands included in this program are as follows: Heel, Sit-Stay, Down-Stay, Sit and Down in motion (and from anywhere), Place (climb), & Recall.

• This program will get your companion ready for anything and everything you may encounter in daily life. Nail trims, baths, ear cleaning, wearing shoes/vests/collars, etc.

• You will be able to take your new companion into public areas with the dog being completely dog and people neutral, and good with children and other animals.

• Any additional training is extra cost, and can be discussed at the time of consult.

• At pick up, you will stay in our area for 3-5 days to receive training on how to communicate with your new dog. If you’d like us to deliver your dog and stay in your area; this is additional travel costs that are due at the end of your program.

• You will have a fully stable sidekick to be your buddy after this program! If you love to exercise, be outdoors, and need a companion by your side- this is the program for you!


Fully Trained Service Dogs 

Physical Support SD & Psychiatric Support SD (Contact for Pricing). 

This program is designed to give the handler physical support from an illness, disability or ailment. The Dog will stay with the Trainer for up to 5-7 Months to undergo life training. All of the commands will be chosen by the handler and are targeted toward their own specific goals.

Some of the Tasks our service dogs can do: Helping with Laundry, Helping with cooking, Undress/dressing the handler, picking up items with use of a laser pen, turning on/off lights, opening/closing doors, becoming a tether for young children, getting the mail, retrieving things out of the fridge, Body Blocking, Anxiety alert, Emotional mitigation. 

After the Dog is certified as a "Refined K9" Service Dog and has completed the Program he/she will be transitioned into the handlers home that will include 2 Weeks of private lessons and follow up appointments to make sure everything is going well.

The Refined K9 will have to see a Doctors note stating that you are in need of a Physical Support Service Dog. You do not need to disclose medical information. 

We do not accept rescues or current pets to become physical support dogs. We work hard to insure health regulations and temperament are up to ADA guidelines.

Some breeds we offer: Labs, Rottweilers, Dobermans, Malinois, and Dutch Shepherd. 

We do not offer payment plans, but there are financing programs and grants available by outsourcing funding and crowdfunding.  After purchasing the Service Dog, you can insure him/her for morbidity with your insurance provider.

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