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Alicia M. Scholet, B.A., CPT. 

Rated one of Florida's Top Dog Trainers by The New Barker Magazine 2016

"Throughout my life I have been blessed with the ability to work with animals and I believe that my purpose is to change the way humans view the Canine Companion Connection.  I attended National K9 School For Professional Dog Trainers and completed the Master Trainers Course in March 2014, where I became a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPT).  National K-9 gave me the knowledge and ability to help your dogs achieve great success. During my education at National K-9 I lived in dorms for 6 weeks, and worked with all types of breeds and sizes of dogs.  I have hands on experience in on & off leash obedience, behavior modification, puppy development, aggression issues (with large & small breeds), and Police K-9 & Personal Protection, Scent detection & Tracking/Trailing.  The semester at National K-9 helped me get to where I am today so that I can use my skills to help you and your dog achieve wonderful goals. 

I have my veterinary assisting certificate, an AA degree in liberal arts and veterinary technology. I attended University of South Florida from 2008-2010 and obtained a B.A. Degree in Psychology specializing in Applied Behavior Analysis. I have a strong ABA background, as well as 3-6 years experience interning with PhD's who worked with Pervasive Developmental Disorder patients, Mood Disorder Patients, and patients with other physical & mental disabilities. Through this experience I developed an understanding for the patients need to have access to service canines.

In 2014 I put my Masters Degree in Applied Behavior Analysis on hold so that I could pursue Dog Training and get The Refined K9, LLC off of the ground. I am dedicated daily to pursuing balance between humans and their canine companions. I believe that match of a breed with a families lifestyle is just as important as the training that follows. When choosing a canine as a companion it is vitally important to make sure that the temperament of this dog is a good fit for your lifestyle: i.e., a very energetic dog would not be a good fit for a person who enjoys hours on the couch, etc. Having the background in animal sciences as well as my background in human behavior provides me with a balance in communication when working with dogs and their owners. 

I am sincere in my pursuit to help provide impeccable canine service companions for our citizens with disabilities that are in need of daily assistance. I look forward to digging deeper into the human animal connection and utilizing this knowledge during my career while I'm working with handlers and their K9s. I will be attending seminars and association conferences to gain CEUs in the following years to come. I look forward to seeing many of my colleagues there as well as SHOT show every January. 

I look forward to working with your dog and getting to know you and forming a solid professional relationship founded on the expectations you deserve. Please let me know if there is anything else I can assist you with during the training program, don’t hesitate to ask questions. This should be an exciting learning experience and I hope to provide a positive guidance for you and your dog through the program".

Thank you for choosing The Refined K9, LLC for your dog training experience. 

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