“I am enjoying this sweet goofball without all the stress of how he will act/react to things we encounter on our walks or at our front door. No more bark fests, fear of noises, or over protective behavior”.
— R.G.

Happy Clients, Happy Pups!


“My only mistake in training my dog was not going to The Refined K9 for help sooner. I adopted my dog when he was young and before brining him home I had read a couple of books and already had a trainer to help me better understand him. Now fast forward to three years I have gone through four different trainers, two who have made a proper business of it. All of them combined couldn’t compare to Alicia, and what she has done for me and my dog. 

My dog was fearful and had very little character to him before going to Alicia. Even with her injury, she was able to not only help my dog become more confident in his body, but also made me realize my mistakes that lead to him being the way he is. Unlike the other trainers, she was able to identify the best way to speak my dog language. She became the translator between my dog’s actions/thoughts and me. It is because of Alicia and her company that I have hope for the first time, in a long time that my dog could one day be normal pup that I could freely bring around with me without fear.

I would recommend for anyone to do business with Alicia no matter the reason for needing a dog trainer, her passion and wanting to help the dog be the best he can be is unmatched and is inspiring”.

— Z

"I rescued Romeo when he was 2 months old after he was dropped off on a school soccer field. He was about 15lbs, cute, lovable, and to me, perfect. Being a first time dog owner I chose to take him to a big chain dog store for puppy training. While they did teach him basics such as sit, down, and shake they never prepared me for the day he would be 96lbs and as tall as a mini horse. I knew Romeo was going to be a big dog, but never imagined him to be as tall as the kitchen counters and as stubborn as a mule. Romeo is now a year and a half old and my baby, as I am sure most dog lovers could understand, but to say he listened to me was a joke. So when I moved into my sisters home 2 months ago it became quickly clear that in order to get her 2 dogs and Romeo to coincide we were going to need some major help. I first heard of The Refined K9 at my local dog store and decided to call Alicia to see if she could help. Romeo had major anxiety issues, didn’t listen to me unless treats were involved, and used his body weight and size against me to get what he wanted. Going on walks with Romeo was more like being dragged around by a bull and I would only go out at night in fear of Romeo barking at strangers. When he was told let’s go he would sit and stubbornly not move an inch, to the point I was going behind him to push him forward. Romeo used to whine, bark, and eat his bedding while inside his crate as well. The first day Alicia came to train, Romeo about took her arm off when she made him go using the prong collar. I was very hesitant to use the prong collar, or the e-collar because like I said before, Romeo was my baby and I was scared he would hate me after that. Fast forward 4 weeks: Romeo now walks loose leash and no longer drags me on our walks, I no longer have to wrap his leash around my hand 5 times to gain control, he is even walking drop line for as long as 10 minutes!  We walk during the day without any barking at strangers or other dogs. He no longer whines, barks, or eats things while in his crate and moves as soon as I say the words lets go. Romeo has learned to sit/down when told even without a treat reward, and to stay in a down position for as long as 30 minutes without leaving his place. His anxiety has almost come and gone completely and he is learning to be calm inside the house without jumping all over everyone and everything.  He now can say hello to new faces without being overly excited. When I thought the corrections would push Romeo away from me, I feel like we have an even stronger bond now that he has learned to trust me. I am so grateful for all the training and lessons I have learned with Alicia. I now have a well-mannered, social, and happy dog that can now go out in public and enjoy life. I would highly recommend The Refined K9 to anyone. Out of 5 stars I give them a 10!

— J. c.

"Let me start this review with Alicia speaks dog. I swear it.  I came to her with a working dog that had gotten to the point that, from the effects of previous training, was almost unwilling to work. Both of us
had been trained in a way that was completely wrong. Alicia’s love and
devotion to the training of dogs is evident from day 1. And her tolerance of my insecurity and ignorance is astounding. Her education in canine and human behavior and motivation is evident. My boy needed more rebooting than we anticipated, and it was touch and go for a bit. But she never gave up on him, and was in constant communication with
me every step of the way, not only verbally, but with pictures and
video to explain what she was doing. When we were reunited, his entire
demeanor was different. It was evident that he was a much happier,
much more relaxed and confident dog. She then worked with me step by
step to re-educate me on how to properly understand his communication to me, handle him appropriately, and communicate effectively to him in return. That is a rare thing, as most trainers don't understand humans, especially those of us that have our own challenges to
learning. I don’t know that I’ll ever truly express my gratitude. If
you’re hesitating to let her help your best canine friend/partner,
don’t. I would do it again in a heartbeat".

— S. W.

"What you did for Duke not only changed his life but mine as well. He is such a happy pup and loving life. The owner of my Doggie Daycare said it was as though Duke had a brain transplant! The change in him was that significant. He is no longer confined to "Cell Block D" at the daycare but is out with all his canine buddies. He runs and plays all day and I pick up a tired, balanced pup.

I am enjoying this sweet goofball without all the stress of how he will act/react to things we encounter on our walks or at our front door. No more bark fests, fear of noises, or over protective behavior. While all dog owners love their pups, Duke holds a special place in my heart. As you know, he is the last pup my late husband and I rescued together. Thankful for you!

— R.g.


“Alicia came to my house for a free evaluation and brought her demo dog, Declan. My dog and I signed up for the behavior modification program offered and it was amazing! There have been significant changes in my dog's behavior since we started working with Alicia and Refined K9.

We have been through the classes at Petsmart up to the intermediate level, but I always knew that "treat" training really isn't sustainable. My dog learned to realize that she would just listen to me when she knew I had treats, and that there would be no consequence for not listening if there was no reward. I knew there had to be a better way. I first contacted Alicia because my 2 year old Whippet/Lab mix is such a hyper, frisbee obsessed, "free spirit" who no longer responded to treat training. The first time we met, she came to my house where she brought her demo dog, Declan. Right off the bat, I could tell this was someone who was able to control their dogs. As she got her stuff out of her car, he sat there and watched her, even though my wiggly, whiney dog was pulling on her leash eager to greet Declan. He never flinched! Moving forward to inside, she put her dog in a "down" position, where my dog proceded to lick him, roll all over him, and entice him to play with her.  She was desperate to play, and he didn't respond to her in the slightest. This is when I KNEW I HAD to train with Alicia. After talking, we decided to sign her up for the behavior modification course. Jilly has a history of escaping the yard, not coming when called, barking out the windows, and jumping on everyone who walks by. She was recently hit by a car during one of her escapes and this program is absolutely worth it to know this will not happen again. Believe me, this program is WAY cheaper than the cost of doggy ICU. Jilly has since graduaed the program, and it's been a life-changer! We are both now happy. She is calm and content. I've learned  that my interaction with her was triggering her to be a hyper dog and now that I've also modified my behaviors, she has became more calm. It's a relief to no longer wake up in the middle of the night to her barking at the cat outside the window, that we can walk through downtown without her wanting to jump on everyone and beg them to pet her, and also that she no longer jumps on my guests! This woman has such a genuine love and understanding of dogs, and you can be assured that you and your dog are in excellent hands.”

-M. 2013.

"I knew I had to meet Luna when I first saw her picture on Suncoast Animal League's FB page, and when I met her in person it was love at, well, second sight! 

As much as I loved her I realized within several days that she was a handful and going to need some serious training. We have two children who often have friends over, and Luna would try to "herd" them by nipping at the backs of their legs. She thought nothing of jumping up on the dinner table or kitchen counter to sneakfood. Leash walking was an upper body workout. Her translation of "Hi! I'm glad your here!" was to repeatedly jump on you and chew on your hands (or various other body parts.) Although she was crate trained at night (thank God), she wanted no part of her crate during the day and would whine unmercifully. Telling her, "NO," was grounds for some serious barking. Obviously, these were all unacceptable behaviors for any dog, especially for one who will always be around children and will top out around 60-65 lb! 

Thankfully, a good friend of mine referred me to Alicia, and I called her right away! She came over for an evaluation, and we discussed my concerns and goals for Luna. Alicia is so personable and professional - I was impressed and "sold", and that was before I went outside and met two of her own dogs, Declun and Riddick - impeccably trained rotties!

We have just completed Intermediate Obedience Training, and could not be happier!!! Luna now realizes that any and all flesh is a NO TEETH zone, even playfully. When we eat dinner, she will lie nearby but won't come near the table. I can ask her to "crate", and she will walk in on her own, not making a peep the entire time she's crated. Leash walking is a breeze - she walks right by my side and is always listening for commands like "wait", "sit", or "down." (I love this when passing other dogs who are barking at or lunging toward her - she just watches them and waits for me to tell her, "OK, let's go!") She now knows that "sit" and "down" come with an implied "stay", which also comes in handy when preparing her meals. She stays "down" until I release her with "OK", and only then will she approach her food bowls. 

The turn around in Luna's behavior has been dramatic. She has always had a sweet disposition and has been so loving, but her behavioral changes, learning right from wrong, accepting the word "no", and obedience training has made her even more of a joy for all of us. I have and will continue to recommend Alicia/Refined K9 to everyone, and can't wait to start Advanced Obedience Training in the fall!! 

P.S. We adopted Luna at 4 months from a Suncoast Animal League event at the Countryside Petsmart. Her previous owner could not keep her bc they were moving to a military base where Luna was not allowed - she is a border collie pit bull mix. :)) Don't ever give up on ur pup, and don't commit to one unless you commit to train - regardless of breed or size!"

— r. c.


Testimonial soon...


Testimonial soon...