Trikos Team Dog Training


Trikos Team Dog Training

An Online Dog Training Community with Mike Ritland

We encourage all of our current & prospective clients to join the Trikos Team Dog Training Community with Mike Ritland. This is a resource that should not be overlooked. If you’re not signed up, you should be!

Come join the fastest growing online Dog Community! Mike Ritland’s Team Dog Online Training site is a one stop shop for all things dog related! For first time dog owners, to experienced handlers. This is for dog owners anywhere and everywhere!

Just some of the issues and topics that are covered inside the Team Dog Community:
Dog aggression!
How to avoid and break up a dog altercation! 
What should I feed my dog? 
My dog won't stop barking!
My dog gets into the trash!
My dog pulls on his leash!
My dog jumps on people!
My dog won't come when I call him!
Clicker training! 

All of these and much more are covered in the Team Dog online training forums! 
The Trikos Team Dog Training Community offers monthly training lessons & monthly dog blogs covering a host of topics from: canine first aid, nutrition, dog gear, grooming and plenty of other new topics every month. Team Dog has private forums, where Mike Ritland will answer all of your questions, and much more!


Who is Mike Ritland? And how can he help your dog succeed? Click the link below to read more about who he is, and what he has to offer. We follow Team Dog methods closely, and encourage you to do the same.