Webinar Training

Want to build a better relationship with your dog? Join our trainer for 2 hour ONLINE webinars!

The following is a listing of our currently offered “Webinars” through ZOOM classroom based platform learning. You will have chatroom availability to participate and get actively involved in discussions regarding the current webinar topic. Each Webinar is “on-demand”, meaning it will be recorded and stored in the cloud. Once you are registered you will be able to view the recorded webinar, even if you didn’t attend the webinar LIVE. We look forward to providing you with education on the topics below:


Foundations & Building Engagement — New dates TBD

This Webinar is perfect for anyone with a dog. If you’d like to learn more about getting more focus from your dog, and not having to compete with the leaf or other dog in the distance— this is where to begin. Basics are great for everyone. We will be covering:

·       How to build a solid foundation with your dog by learning the fundamentals of focus & engagement

·       Learning why building a foundation is important, and how it will help you transition to more advanced training techniques.

·       The difference between reinforcement & bribes, and how this is detrimental to your journey in building engagement with your dog.

·       Preference assessments and why choosing your dogs reward (paychecks) is important to your training.

·       Understanding the basics of Operant Conditioning and how it pertains to training your dog.

Registration Closed - New Dates TBD


Generalizing your Training — Nov 4th 6pmEST

This webinar is your key from moving from your training space into every new environment with your dog without having to reteach your dog everywhere you go. If you’re frustrated that your dog will only listen inside your kitchen, and not when you’re on a walk— This webinar is for you. We will be discussing the secrets to success in public outings with your dog. The webinar covers:

  •  Promoting Generalized Behavior Change: Making sure that your dog understands behaviors outside of their comfort zones, and inside a wide array of environments.

  • Learning engagement exercises & play exercises 

•   Understanding the importance of beginning obedience with the use of paychecks

•   Getting through to dogs who may not have an interest in toys or food. 

•    How to train ‘loosely’ so that you can move from neutral training areas into distractions and toward the goal of ‘naked’ work without training tools or paychecks.



Building the bond —Nov 18th @5pm EST

The relationship between you and your dog is the key to how your dog will behave everywhere. His behavior is a direct reflection of your communication skills. A portion of learning to communicate with your dog, and to develop more advanced training techniques is the ability to bond at a deeper level with him. Dog’s don’t speak like humans, this webinar is your gateway into seeing life through your dog’s eyes and understanding communication from a canine’s perspective. learning this bond will greatly expand your ability to train your dog and help your dog to understand what is being asked of him. We will be covering:

  • Encouraging a deeper bond with your dog through every day interactions.

  • Continuing training as a ‘story’, and not short training sentences.

  • Learning how to speak your dogs language.

  • Understanding Behavior change and why your dog may be exhibiting moments where he won’t listen to you.

  • In depth information about “oxytocin” and the vital role that hormone production plays in the relationship with your dog.

  • Seeing life from your dogs perspective.

  • Understanding how to decrease unwanted behaviors without breaking the bond.

E-Collar & Prong Use—-Dec 7th @ 2pm EST

This webinar is perfect for anyone who is interested in learning more about E-Collar’s and prong collars, and how to apply them using Operant Conditioning techniques. When we are speaking about ‘Positive Punishment’ we are referring to a behavioral term which means: “positive=adding a stimulus… Punishment=to decrease the likelihood a behavior will occur”. We will be reaching into the depths of behavior science and showing you how to decrease unwanted behaviors without punishing the dog. We are never punishing a dog, we are decreasing an unwanted behavior. Dogs are animals by nature, we need to teach them how to behave appropriately in our human-oriented society. How do we do this without crushing their genetics and desires to be inherently dog? This is what we will be covering in this webinar and you’ll develop an intimate understanding about decreasing behaviors from your dog’s perspective. Topics to be covered:

  • A deeper look into the Four quadrants of Operant conditioning, and the difference of each quadrant.

  • Bridging the gap in communication with your dog.

  • Using an E-collar to enhance your off-leash goals.

  • How to properly use a Prong and E-collar without decreasing your bond with your dog.

  • Understanding the use of ‘Positive Punishment’ without encouraging stress in your dog.

  • Decreasing unwanted behaviors and how training tools can be used toward the process.

  • Understanding how to use these collars as training tools, and not becoming dependent on them. Encouraging removal of these collars to continue generalizing behaviors for lasting change.

  • Understanding how to integrate use of reinforcements alongside the use of an E-Collar and Prong collar.

Building Confidence — October 26th @ 1pm EST

This webinar is perfect for anyone who is struggling with their dog(s) being fearful of daily events, objects, or other people. Many dogs who are afraid will also display reactivity on the leash toward other dogs and people as a way to get those scary events away from them. It is truly possible to work through fear, and to have your dog come out on the other side confident and happily moving through new environments. If your dog is afraid of the vacuum, thunder, getting into the pool, has a history of ‘abuse’, or is a rescue who is timid and unsure about life— this webinar is for you. We encourage you to join us for this webinar and to learn to view these scary events as your dog is viewing them and to learn how to encourage confidence so that your dog can live his life with a more relaxed demeanor and a healthier overall mental wellbeing. Topics covered:

  • How to help your dog rehabilitate from fears such as loud noises, thunderstorms, or general ‘anxieties’.

  • How to decrease unwanted behaviors without using fear or creating conflict or anxiety in your dog.

  • How to encourage bold confidence in your working dog or house pet — in any environment.

  • How and when to incorporate obedience into behavior training & the rehabilitation process.

  • Raising a fearless puppy.

  • Effective communication during fear-based body language.